Letter to the members of the Dutch House of Representatives

Date 5 April 2018

Subject: The Gaza massacre on Good Friday 30 March

Dear Ms, Mr

On Good Friday (March 30) a massacre took place in Gaza. Israeli snipers targeted Palestinian demonstrators who demand that their lifelong detention be brought to an end in the largest open air prison in the world: Gaza.
There were at least 16 deaths and more than 1400 injured, including 200 children. Half of the injured victims were hit by sharp ammunition. They will often carry the consequences of their injuries for many years. Palestinians were also injured in the West Bank.

We, the signatories of this letter, call on the Dutch government to immediately assume its international responsibility: Palestinian civilians who live under occupation must be protected from excessive Israeli violence. The right of demonstration of the Palestinians must also be guaranteed. Palestinians who demonstrate for their freedom, human existence and the right of return to their country must be able to do so without being affected by military repression.
The Israeli authorities had announced in advance that they would deploy hundred snipers and tanks against protesters who would come too close to the border. Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations had warned in advance that shooting sharply at unarmed protesters would be contrary to international law and would lead to deaths.
Despite this, premeditated, disproportionate violence was used by the Israeli occupation army. UN Secretary-General Guterres and the EU called for an ‘independent and transparent’ investigation into Israeli violence, but these calls were immediately dispelled by the Israeli government.
Seventy years after the expulsion of the Palestinians as a result of the foundation of the state of Israel in their country, the situation in Gaza is hopeless. The population has no prospect of a dignified future. That is why she demands her right: away from misery and return to their country of origin.
Up to now, Israel has ignored any criticism and foreign protest and is not concerned with international law. It is not sensitive to calls with no consequences.

That is why we demand the following measures:

* that the Netherlands immediately terminates any form of cooperation and exchange of knowledge with the Israeli army, police and / or security services;
* that the Dutch government and the EU break all relations with Elbit and all other Israeli arms manufacturers;
* that the Netherlands, in an international and European context, insists on an independent investigation into the events of Good Friday in Gaza;
* that the Netherlands will do everything in its power to try those who are responsible for the massacre;
* the Netherlands actively contributes to the protection of Palestinian civilians under occupation.

On behalf of 24 organizations:

General Palestinian Workers Association

Article 1 Collective

Breed Platform Palestine Haarlem

Services and Research Center Palestine (docP)

A Different Jewish Voice


the Palestinian House

International Socialists

Kairos Sabeel Netherlands

Dutch Palestine Komitee

Palestine Komitee Rotterdam

Palestine Link

Palestinian community Netherlands

Stop Arms Trade

Aidoun Foundation

AlGhad Foundation – Amsterdam

Hanin – Utrecht Foundation

Groningen-Jabalya Foundation

Kifaia Foundation

Palestinian Women Foundation

Somoed Foundation – Apeldoorn

Tawasul Foundation – The Hague

The Rights Forum

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (NL)